HMI that makes an impression

The printing business involves tough challenges and rapid changes. Whether the method is traditional or digital, the machines doing the job must be highly flexible.

Operator panels from Beijer Electronics are ideal in this fast-paced environment. Available in ink-resistant resistive touch models, they handle the media as well as they do the demand.
  • Rapid changes for a fast-paced industry
  • Advanced network options
  • Remote operation possible
  • Flexible operator interface with multiple languages

With their advanced networking options, the panels can connect printing stations and enable remote operation. Moreover, their multiple language support allows users of different nationalities to work with the same machine. One application is all that's needed – for you and the user alike. 

When upgrades are required, even these can be handled efficiently. E-mailed updates can be installed via USB or CF, allowing your customers to change and keep on printing.