Robust and reliable

X2 panels are designed and tested to perform in tough industrial environments.


The robust die cast aluminum body offers great resistance to mechanical stress.

Robust touch screens with resistive touch provide safe operation even with gloves on.

We’ve redesigned the electronics and made other improvements to further enhance solid operation

Display clarity

10, 12 and 15 inch panels provide improved display clarity due to re-engineered touch and display mounting.


Product health warning

The panel will issue a warning when exposed to high temperature or when the memory is getting to the end of duty life.


Image restore in the field

Allows customers and service technicians to revert to previous image, or factory image, without use of computer.


Flash memory health status

The health and status of the built-in memory is monitored and users are warned when issues occur.

Product serial number in software

The panel serial number is available in the software and accessible in iX allowing full tractability.


Internal temperature log

X2 panels continuously log and store operating temperature, as well as minimum and maximum temperature, in a special memory area.


New production tests

Panels are manufactured using full thermal cycling with both high and low temperate to secure a high product quality.